If you’re a digital marketer, you know that many e-commerce websites owners make a lot of mistakes during the design phase. When new business owners begin designing their e-commerce platforms, they tend to be marinated in the aesthetic aspect. While the design is critical to branding and building trust, make sure pride plays second fiddle to profit. After all, the aim of starting an e-commerce business is to make profits. When designing your e-commerce website, consider the following:

Give attention to the internal pages of your e-commerce platforms

Most website owners give more attention to the home page and forget the internal pages. In fact, an experienced marketer can tell you that the aim is to always get people out of the homepage as quickly as possible and direct them to the most important pages of the e-commerce store and ultimately to the sales funnel. This underlines the importance of taking your internal pages seriously when designing your e-commerce website. The two internal pages that you should give preference to are category landing pages and shopping cart. Your category landing pages are where you will be getting the most traffic. It’s also where your PPC marketing efforts will be directing traffic to. If you don’t give your shopping cart much attention when designing your e-commerce website, expect a lot of abandonment.

Make sure to include contact information in your e-commerce websites

Contact information is vital to enable customers to connect with your brand. The contact information could be a phone number or a Contact Us Link. You need to take the design of your contact page seriously. Make sure it stands out. In other words, make sure customers can find it easily.

Include trust symbols on your e-commerce websites

Trust symbols are essential, especially if you’re dealing with an old age demographic who are skeptical or entering their credit card details on any online platform. Place the trust symbols in strategic locations to be seen easily. The best place to display them is on your homepage. Examples of trust symbols include industry memberships, client logos, and security badges. In terms of the shopping cart, Better Business Bureau, MacAfee, and Verisign badges can cause people to develop trust your checkout processes.


These aspects are vital, but the most important thing is that the success of the e-commerce website design can be measured. That’s why it’s important to be taking the A/B often on every element of your e-commerce website to ensure it’s turning out the highest possible conversion rate.